2017 Convenings

Migration Learning Exchange on Strategic Communications & Messaging

13th - 18th May 2017

Convening on Strategic Communications and Messaging to be hosted by America’s Voice, for 14 UK participants who are all working in this field of work.

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Public Narrative & Strategic Communications on Refugees and Migration

23rd May 2017

Convening of individuals & organisations working on migration issues in Italy. Hosted in partnership with CILD.

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Community Development, Community Organising & Inclusion

24th & 25th May 2017

Convening which will bring together activists from all over the UK and Ireland, to exchange best practice & share approaches.

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A City to City Meeting

12th - 14th June

The sharing of insights between New York City government & London City administration. Focusing on the role of great cities in creating a welcoming environment for new communities.

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Organising for Solidarity and Inclusion

8th - 13th July

SCI are supporting a number of US community organisers to travel to the UK and share their expertise and insights into community organising for migrant and refugee inclusion.

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Autumn Academy, Oxford

18th - 22nd September

A residential programme focusing on strategic approaches to irregular migration in Europe. The event will involve up to 30 government, civil society & philanthropy participants.

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Fellows Convening in South Africa

27th Nov - 2nd Dec

Convening of the SCI fellows, mentors & mentees in South Africa which coincided with an international gathering organised by SCI & the Global Citizens Circle of about 120 activists for a panel discussion with Desmond Tutu on effective activism. The event was recorded and livestreamed.