The Road to Marriage Equality Summer School is being hosted by The Social Change Initiative (SCI) in partnership with Social Intelligence Associates. The Summer School is aimed at not-for-profit organisations in Ireland, the U.K. and Europe. It will act as a master class on campaigning and how to use shared learning to focus on influencing and effecting social change. The Marriage Equality Referendum which took place in the Republic of Ireland in May 2015 will provide the basis for the lessons at the Summer School.

The three day programme will allow participants to examine a range of case-studies through presentations, as well as hearing from key note speakers and expert panellists as part of workshops that utilise reflective commentary. Those who constructed the Yes Equality campaign will be present to assist delegates in their exploration of research, messages, messaging, mobilisation strategies and also the use of social and mainstream media. The Summer School will provide participants with practical skills and learning from the campaigners present. They will then be able to apply these lessons to campaigns in other jurisdictions as well as other social justice campaigns.