SCI fellows Séan Brady and Marisa McMahon are housing rights organisers with the Equality Can’t Wait campaign in Belfast.  In September and October 2016 they visited New York and Capetown as part of their fellowship, to exchange lessons on effective organising and campaigning with seasoned activists in these respective cities.  In New York, they shadowed and gave presentation on the work of Equality Can’t Wait to the National Domestic Workers Alliance and New Jersey Together and in Capetown they partnered with Ndifuna Ukwazi, SADSAWU and Equal Education among others. Séan and Marisa are being supported by the Equality Studies Department in University College Dublin and the Participation and Practice of Rights (PPR) to build practical links and develop a series of learning pieces and practical tools which will be of use to social justice organisers. They will be returning to Capetown and New York in 2017.  Click here to read about Séan and Marisa’s experiences in more detail through their blog entries on the PPR website.