SCI, in partnership with CILD (Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Freedoms) is holding a seminar in Rome (Italy) on Tuesday 23rd May 2017, to explore the issue of the current public narrative and strategic communications on issues of migration and refugee protection in Italy.

CILD was established in 2014, working as a network of 30 national organisations in Italy addressing a range of rights issues.  These include work on migration, prisoners, LGBTI, freedom of expression, transparency and accountability.  Civil society organisations are being invited to consider the challenges, and opportunities, of strategic communications and messaging with a focus on migration.  SCI will share the recent initiatives taken in partnership with Purpose (UK) in Germany and France, where an analysis of commissioned opinion polling identified public segmentation in response to questions on migration and refugees.  This deep-dive into public opinion allowed greater insights for civil society organisations to develop more focused messages on the issue.

The seminar in Rome will explore with civil society and a small number of philanthropy representatives the potential benefits of a similar exercise in Italy.  For further information contact or