The Social Change Initiative (SCI) believes in the power of peer learning and exchange. Located in Belfast (Northern Ireland) we have identified issues and strategies that address the challenges of peacebuilding in a violently contested society. The purpose of these short Peacebuilding Practice Notes is to share insights and experience with activists and peacebuilding practitioners in other divided societies.

The Peacebuilding Practice Notes focus on specific initiatives that helped to provide alternatives to violence and consolidate the peace process in Northern Ireland. It is hoped that the learning can travel and be adapted to circumstances in other countries. While no context is the same, we believe that examples of conflict transformation offer the potential for shared learning.

The Peacebuilding Practice Notes are available to download from below. Each Note provides links for further information. This Note describes the establishment of Community-based Restorative Justice in Northern Ireland in place of ‘punishment’ beatings and shootings.