SCI Fellow Rachel Mullen Launches New Publication on the Power of Values

Here Rachel Mullen summarises the key points in “Values-Led Organisations: Releasing the Potential of Values”. 

Civil society readily acknowledges its work as values-based. Whether we are working to tackle climate change, eliminate poverty, promote equality or strengthen community ties, what connects all of these efforts is a set of core values.

At organisational level our values might […]

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Convening of SCI Fellows & Mentoring Group in South Africa

This short video gives a flavour of the convening which SCI held several months ago in South Africa bringing together the SCI fellows network and those involved in its migration mentoring scheme.  During the event the participants learnt about the current situation in South Africa and met with a range of local social justice activists […]

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Northern Ireland’s peace process through the eyes of Colombian civil society: reflections from a study trip

By Laura Henao Izquierdo, Centre for Research and Popular Education/Peace Programme (CINEP/PPP)


In November 2016, a peace agreement was signed between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), following more than fifty years of armed conflict. Colombian civil society organisations and state institutions are over a year into the implementation of this […]

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Migration Learning Exchange: Faith-based Organising and Communications on Migration and Refugee Protection

The Migration Learning Exchange is part of a programme of work supported by Unbound Philanthropy and The Atlantic Philanthropies, which is managed by The Social Change Initiative.  With the overall aim of strengthening the effectiveness and impact of civil society activists working on issues of migration, a number of themes are prioritised in taking this […]

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Philanthropy Addresses the Challenge of truth and Justice: Foundations for Peace (FFP) Network Members Listen to the Silence of the Past in Indonesia

FFP – Foundations for Peace is a network of locally based Community and Human Rights Foundations located and working in contested societies.  With a membership that includes Foundations working in Serbia, Georgia, Palestine, Colombia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Northern Ireland, the Network held a recent meeting in Indonesia, hosted by IKa (Indonesia […]

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Céad Mile Failte – Weaving an Ireland of Welcomes by Dr Avila Kilmurray

The map of the island was multi-coloured with post-its.  Welcome to the annual networking gathering of Places of Sanctuary (Ireland).  Enthusiasts from Belfast to Cork, from Galway to Dublin, and places in between, came together to discuss progress around four ambitions:-

Awareness-raising: to help educate and inform communities about refugees and migrants. Who are they? […]

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Peacebuilding Practice Notes: Sharing Experience from Northern Ireland

The Social Change Initiative (SCI) believes in the power of peer learning and exchange. Located in Belfast (Northern Ireland) we have identified issues and strategies that address the challenges of peacebuilding in a violently contested society. The purpose of these short Peacebuilding Practice Notes is to share insights and experience with activists and peacebuilding practitioners […]

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Autumn Academy 2016 Report

The Social Change Initiative (SCI) supports an annual policy conference to focus on issues relating to immigration and refugee protection in Oxford University (UK).  Organised and managed by COMPAS, the gathering draws on the knowledge and insights of European and US policy-makers and civil society representatives to focus on current issues and challenges.  Background information […]

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Grounding Refugee and Migrant Inclusion

Parliament, media headlines and hoardings have all featured arguments over refugee protection and migration in recent years.  News, fake news and down-right scare-mongering have played to public uncertainty and anxieties, rarely allowing time for considered conversations and discussion within neighbourhoods and communities.  All too often the most strident opinions crowd out tentative questions.  When people […]

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Putting ‘the community’ at the heart of refugee resettlement

by Avila Kilmurray

“Unlocking community resources to support refugee re-settlement is magical”, said Tim Finch, CEO of Sponsor Refugees, a Citizens UK Foundation for Community Sponsorship of Refugees. Speaking in Belfast on Thursday 2nd November, 2017, Tim spoke about examples of where local groups have come together to sponsor the re-settlement of a refugee family in […]

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