New documentary raises questions over dementia care in Northern Ireland

BY THE year 2050 it is predicted dementia will affect up to 60,000 people in Northern Ireland.

Now a new documentary screened today for the first time looks at the lives of four people diagnosed with dementia and charts their experiences.

The new film by Erica Starling Productions, supported by The Social Change Initiative, is being launched […]

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When change-makers face change

Inspiring leaders play a pivotal role in driving non-profit organisations, but what happens when those figureheads have to move on? Denise Charlton has used her own extensive experience, plus interviews with other activists, to publish a guide on how to handle change at the top.

OVER the past 25 years, I have experience exiting two non-profit […]

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Migration in Europe: civil society is shifting the debate

WHEN the global refugee emergency reached Europe’s shores in 2015, governments struggled to cope. But Steven McCaffery of the Social Change Initiative charts how imaginative work by civil society is bearing fruit at a pivotal time.

ELECTIONS to the European Parliament have often seemed like little more than a distraction from domestic politics, but the contests […]

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SEMINAR: Leadership Succession and Transition in Not for Profits

Executive transitions and leadership succession can be difficult for all organisations, with specific challenges for non-profits. This seminar will discuss the latest literature and theory and the practical experience of leaders non-profit organisations working in the area of social change.  The discussions will highlight the challenges, lessons learnt, and the opportunities presented when managing transitions […]

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The Struggle for Europe’s Soul

By Avila Kilmurray

December 2018 – the ‘Salvini decree’ passes in Italy, abolishing humanitarian protection from migrants that have been deemed ineligible for refugee status but that can’t be deported back to their country of origin.  In Denmark, the Danish Government joined forces with the Danish People’s Party to adopt a plan to move up to […]

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“We are all migrants” declare Christian leaders from around the world

POLITICAL crises over migration and the plight of refugees remain high on the international agenda, but calls for humane and thoughtful responses are also gaining greater prominence.

Research supported by SCI on attitudes towards migration in Europe challenged simple narratives around public opinion and exposed the complex range of factors influencing the views of individuals.

In France, despite […]

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Migration and the positive role employers can play

If we agree that integration is a shared responsibility, why are employers and business still sitting this one out? Jacqui Broadhead of the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) at the University of Oxford looks at experiences around Europe.

THE theme of this year’s EUROCITIES integrating Cities conference (Milan 7th/8th November 2018) was ‘CITIES GROW […]

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Steven McCaffery on Brexit and finding the words to protect peace

SOMETIMES politics, for all the talking, doesn’t have the vocabulary to express itself.

The UK’s exit from the European Union has seen politicians lose the ability to communicate. Or so it seems. Some miscommunications are deliberate: saying one thing, while doing another.

Opponents of Brexit fear further instability, but its supporters continue to claim the risks are […]

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Growing awareness of Brexit’s threat to citizens’ rights, as Hillary Clinton adds her voice

THERE is growing concern over the threat Brexit poses to human rights and equality in Northern Ireland, with Hillary Clinton the latest to call for action to protect the peace process, writes the SCI’s Steven McCaffery.

The former US Secretary of State cited the dangers posed to the Good Friday/Belfast peace deal in an address at […]

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SCI Fellow Rachel Mullen Launches New Publication on Communicating Values

Here Rachel Mullen summarises the key points in “Communicating Values: A Values-Led Approach to Strategic Communication for Social Change”.

In our strategic communications for social change, there is a challenge for civil society organisations and campaigns to take time to reflect on how people make sense of a social issue, and consequently, how this informs their […]

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