Mentoring Programme

At SCI, we are continuously striving to find effective and innovative ways to strengthen activism for progressive social change. There is a compelling need to support individual activists in developing and reaching their full potential as powerful and confident leaders.

What is SCI’s Mentoring Programme all about?

“… a listening and thinking partnership where one person provides another person with the space, time and support to deepen, enhance and strengthen their leadership, networks and impact as effective, resilient social change makers.”

What is the programme focused on?

Our unique mentoring model has been co-designed and evaluated in partnership with leading change-makers across a number of countries including US, UK, Republic of Ireland and Belgium. It has proved successful in supporting activists to strengthen and enhance their advocacy, leadership, organising and communications skills.

The SCI Mentoring Programme is not open for general applications. SCI seeks nominations from key informants in a range of relevant areas and geographies.

Participants in the SCI Mentoring Programme