Ramla Sahid

Ramla’s family arrived as refugees to San Diego in 1993 into a highly dense and diverse immigrant and refugee community. She realised as young person the systemic and structural barriers that refugee women and their families faced in providing for themselves. As young organizer, Ramla has been exposed to issue-based campaigns and immigrant rights and has noticed the lack of focus on investing in power-building strategies for refugees. Thus PANA was formed. PANA seeks to create new protections to Muslims and refugees, to have this community engaged, visible, and to have their priorities reflected in the region’s institutional and democratic processes. PANA is a community/electoral organizing, public policy and leadership development hub dedicated to advancing full economic, social, and civic inclusion of refugees. Through her leadership, Ramla is seeking to amplify refugee voices to advocate for basic fairness and dignity for all and provides support to communities directly affected by the Muslim Ban including from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.