Morgan Millar

Morgan is 19 years old and from Derry/Londonderry. Volunteering at Rosemount Resource Centre started Morgan’s interest in social change and the role and voice of young people within it. In particular, Morgan noticed a trend and significant disconnect in how businesses and organisations providing services or voice for young people consult, attract or approach young people around rights-based issues that matter to them – mental health, skills and employment, education. Morgan’s aim as a young activist and entrepreneur is to give young people a voice and to help bridge the dissconect between young people and statutory agencies and policy makers. To help achieve this aim, Morgan has established his own youth-based organisation with four friends called youthphoric comprising a business and charity wing. The business wing is where youthphoric provides bespoke graphic design to service providers that is modern and relatable to young people. The charity wing allows youthphoric to apply for project and programme grants to give young people small job opportunities that allow them to make their own money and build their own self-confidence and esteem.