Gemma Attwood

Gemma is originally from Portadown in Co Armagh and now lives in Belfast where she is married with three boys in a very busy home. Following her graduation from QUB with a degree in Modern History, Gemma worked as a preservation assistant in the Public Records Office where she developed a keen interest in how the past continues to make an impact on our communities and our society. She then moved on to University College Cork and gained a postgraduate qualification in Heritage Management which led to a brief period of employment with Hampshire County Council’s art department. Returning to Northern Ireland, Gemma veered towards politics, event management, fundraising, and policy development and this was a period which helped develop her skills and passion for activism and making a real difference. Gemma is now a policy development officer in the Community Relations Council and her role has cemented her interest in the development and implementation of policy and the role we as individuals play in this process, including influencing government and empowering communities. Gemma believes she has been so fortunate to meet the many people and organisations who are committed to building peace, and who continue this activity despite the challenges.