Alex Mitchelmore

Alex is Media Manager at IMiX, the communications hub for the UK’s refugee and migrant sector. Previously, he was senior broadcast officer for the official remain campaign in the EU referendum, “Britain Stronger in Europe”. He also worked as for a strategic communications agency servicing a range of blue chip corporate and third sector clients. Alex cares deeply about the need to reframe the immigration debate to be more constructive and less divisive and toxic. Working on the EU referendum campaign brought home to Alex the acute need for a powerful, coordinated alternative to the dominant narrative on migration to avoid damage that can be caused at a national, community, individual level. Over the last ten years a huge amount of work has been done on the science behind effective framing and messaging within the fields of communications and advocacy. Alex is focused on adapting that knowledge and methodology for progressive causes and putting it in the hands of progressive advocates. IMiX an important part to play given its mission of improving the impact of communications coming from the sector.