Lesson One: Social Media has Changed the Art of the Campaign

Collective Insight & Wisdom

  • In this age of digital democracy, facts abound to the point of being overwhelming. With so much so called “truth,” the influencing value of personal stories has never been greater.
  • Social media can provide social justice campaigns with extraordinary opportunities to tell personal stories and advance messages.
  • A good social media strategy not only gets your message out, but allows you to control the message and tone of a campaign.
  • Social media allows individuals to be involved at their own place and pace.
  • Explore memes, infographics, campaign alerts, online actions, pledges, apps to inform and activate your public.
  • A winning campaign dominates the dominate mode of communication. Deploy different types of social media to meet the needs and opportunities of various target groups.


Blog Post

Ismail Einashe

“The usage of social media is key in social justice campaign; none more so than the Yes Marriage equality campaign… One of the best examples of this campaign tool is: is the #hometovote hashtag which Irish people living abroad used to tweet news of their journeys home to vote in the referendum. This was not the only example, the campaign used cultural figures that ordinary Irish people identify with to push their marriage equality campaign: footballers, musicians, film stars all tweeted their support. The campaign used social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube…”


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