Lesson Five: A Winning Campaign Needs a Clear Strategy

Collective Insight & Wisdom

  • Every campaign needs a Headquarters.
  • Understand, acknowledge and leverage the strengths that your advocates and partner groups bring to the campaign.
  • Make best use of your activists – have a volunteer strategy that articulates key roles, responsibilities, and protocols.
  • Create templates and tool kits that aid outreach and list-building – make these available to activists.
  • Utilise politicians wisely – empower the grassroots and let civil society take the lead.
  • Understand and manage your opposition – don’t let it overwhelm your campaign.
  • Share the recognition – allow your advocates and partners to own their victories.


Blog Post

Codi Norred

“…each campaign must be tailored specifically for its context…Each country has particularities unique to its constitution, and values unique to its population. However, the universal manifested in the marriage equality campaign in Ireland is that in order to successfully create social change, there must be those who are willing to take critical risks. A campaign requires a grassroots base, for individuals to leverage their relationships, friends, and families to pay attention to a cause, as well as public figures, reporters, actors, pastors, business owners, and others to speak in support of social change. A campaign is most influential and successful when ordinary citizens become united around a cause in conjunction with public figures and politicians.” [Read Campaigning for Change: A Voice in full]


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