The Social Change Initiative, supported by Unbound Philanthropy and the Atlantic Philanthropies, planned a Migration Learning Exchange to Purpose, in New York, on the subject of the role of digital organising in enhancing the work of NGOs in the field of refugee rights and migration.  The use of social media has long been recognised as a powerful tool in motivating, organising and supporting social movement building.  In the context of current global developments, which include a focus on migration and refugee issues as well as an emerging populist politics, there has never been a greater need to examine how digital organising can effectively support work with refugees and migrants.

The trip brought 10 – 12 activists and practitioners to New York, from Monday 6th March to Friday 10th March 2017.  They were hosted by Purpose, which has extensive experience with both digital organising and strategising in this area.  Purpose also places a strong emphasis on harnessing digital storytelling and mobilisation strategies in order to build new infrastructure for civil society. The programme participants were from Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Poland. A report on the event has been prepared and is available for download.