Migration is one of the defining human rights issues of our time. 

How societies respond to it will determine the resilience of welcoming communities and the realization of migrants’ human potential for decades to come.

SCI believes we can only secure inclusive, fair and peaceful communities if we address the challenges of migration.

Our migration work seeks to influence public policy and transform the way societies welcome and integrate migrants and refugees. We are committed to supporting civil society activism and advocacy that responds positively to the opportunities and challenges raised by migration. We do this by:

Strengthening Migration Advocates

SCI secures social change by helping advocates & advocacy to be more effective by providing:

Changing the Narrative

Narrative is a powerful force influencing society’s attitude to migration. SCI changes the narrative by:

One-on-One Mentoring
To identify emerging leaders and pair them with seasoned activists to grow the next generation of change makers
Learning Exchanges
International, cross-cultural exchanges where advocates can learn from each other’s successes and failures
Capacity Building
Capacity Building
Training, workshops, labs and masterclasses to strengthen advocates abilities, expertise and advocacy tool box
Commissioning Research
Commissioning Research
Paradigm shifting narratives must be based in fact while speaking to values. Research is vital to have the facts and understand the values
Communication Strategies
Communication Strategies
It is essential to draft a realistic, actionable roadmap to realise goals and marshal the creativity and capacity of narrative partners
Capacity Building
Capacity Building
Targeted training and curricula can teach civil society, NGO’S, media and community orgs how to harness the power of narrative to push for change

Migration Research Reports

SCI Migration News

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Migration Learning Exchange: Faith-based Organising and Communications on Migration and Refugee Protection

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The Migration Learning Exchange is part of a programme of work supported by Unbound Philanthropy and The Atlantic Philanthropies, which is managed by The Social Change Initiative.  With the overall aim of strengthening the effectiveness […]

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Céad Mile Failte – Weaving an Ireland of Welcomes by Dr Avila Kilmurray

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The map of the island was multi-coloured with post-its.  Welcome to the annual networking gathering of Places of Sanctuary (Ireland).  Enthusiasts from Belfast to Cork, from Galway to Dublin, and places in between, came together […]

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Autumn Academy 2016 Report

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The Social Change Initiative (SCI) supports an annual policy conference to focus on issues relating to immigration and refugee protection in Oxford University (UK).  Organised and managed by COMPAS, the gathering draws on the knowledge […]

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Grounding Refugee and Migrant Inclusion

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Parliament, media headlines and hoardings have all featured arguments over refugee protection and migration in recent years.  News, fake news and down-right scare-mongering have played to public uncertainty and anxieties, rarely allowing time for considered […]