The SCI Fellowship Programme

SCI’s Fellowship Programme aims to nurture human talent to challenge inequality, promote peace building and deliver social change. It is an opportunity for social change activists to take up to one year to reflect on and document practice, and to share and exchange ideas, skills and strategies with others. Activists have successfully used the fellowship to broaden their skills and effectiveness through a period of study, reflection and exchange with others.

Who is the SCI Fellowship Programme aimed at?

SCI seeks out activists who can demonstrate that participation in the fellowship programme will enhance their leadership and the impact of their work for social change. They can be seasoned campaigners and advocates who want to reflect and document their work, or emerging new activists who would benefit from exposure to the work, strategies, learning and good practice of others.

Through SCI’s networks, fellows can access a global community of people working on similar themes and using a diverse range of strategies and tactics to effect social change.

How does the SCI Fellowship Programme work?

Fellowships range from 3 months to two years, with most being about 12 months long. The amount of each fellowship award is dependent on a number of factors including length, location and work proposed. Each Fellow agrees a set of outputs and outcomes to be achieved through their fellowship, including the publication and sharing of products and materials with external audiences.

Participants in the SCI Fellowship Programme

The SCI Fellowship Programme is currently supporting 27 different activists based across the globe, working on issues such as migration, access to housing, human rights, peacebuilding, and inequality.

Want to learn more about the SCI Fellows & how they are using their fellowships? Click here.

The SCI Fellowship Programme is not open for general applications. SCI seeks nominations from key informants in a range of relevant areas and geographies.

Fellowship News

  • Rachel Mullen

SCI Fellow Rachel Mullen Launches New Publication on the Power of Values

June 8th, 2018|0 Comments

Here Rachel Mullen summarises the key points in “Values-Led Organisations: Releasing the Potential of Values”. 

Civil society readily acknowledges its work as values-based. Whether we are working to tackle climate change, eliminate poverty, promote equality or […]

  • SCI CLicking

Convening of SCI Fellows & Mentoring Group in South Africa

May 9th, 2018|0 Comments

This short video gives a flavour of the convening which SCI held several months ago in South Africa bringing together the SCI fellows network and those involved in its migration mentoring scheme.  During the event […]

  • Craig Dwyer Blog Pic

Let’s Get It Done – Volunteering on the Australian Marriage Equality Campaign

October 10th, 2017|0 Comments

By Craig Dwyer

It was 3am Irish time when I got a phonecall from Tiernan Brady, Executive Director of the Equality Campaign in Australia, and Donegal native, asking me to volunteer on the Yes campaign […]

  • Celia McKeon

SCI fellow Celia McKeon: Reflections from the April 2017 Unyoke Retreat, South Africa

May 3rd, 2017|0 Comments

What metaphor would you use to describe how you see yourself in the current phase of your life? What are the major disappointments that have shaped your thinking? What is the one change you need […]

  • Sean and Marissa South Africa

SCI fellows share their experiences in New York and Capetown

October 18th, 2016|0 Comments

SCI fellows Séan Brady and Marisa McMahon are housing rights organisers with the Equality Can’t Wait campaign in Belfast.  In September and October 2016 they visited New York and Capetown as part of their fellowship, […]