Strategic Advice and Consultancy

What is SCI’s Strategic Advice and Consultancy Support All About?

SCI’s strategic advice and consultancy team is focused on helping activist organisations and leaders, philanthropy and policy makers to maximise the impact of their work for social change.  We work locally, nationally and internationally.  The team has a particular expertise in advocacy, the design and delivery of public policy and philanthropic programmes.  We use our experience to bridge the worlds of activism, philanthropy and public policy.

We engage with those commissioning our services to co-design programmes, undertake strategic analysis and consultations and plan study visits and exchanges to meet their needs and desired outcomes.  With access to some of the best thinkers and seasoned practitioners across the world, SCI offers solutions that are incisive, practical, creative and usable.  Our team is noted for its focus on listening, strategic thinking, critical analysis, problem solving and making connections.

SCI provides strategic advice and consultancy across many areas of social change including peace-building, equality, human rights and migration. Our particular areas of expertise include:

  • effective advocacy and campaigning
  • philanthropic and government programme design and grant making processes
  • methods of engaging and empowering communities
  • leveraging funding and support
  • programme and campaign learning and evaluation
  • working in partnership with government and policy makers
  • messaging, narratives and communications.

Who is SCI’s Strategic Advice and Consultancy Support Aimed At?

We offer our strategic advice and consultancy services to a wide range of organisations and leaders in the fields of activism, philanthropy, NGOs, government, advocacy bodies, civic society organisations.

For further information on SCI’s Strategic Advice and Consultancy and its wider range of programmes and services please contact