The Social Change Initiative has supported a project, initially developed by the Philanthropy for Social Justice & Peace working group, to promote the active involvement of philanthropic foundations and donors in peacebuilding.  Based in Northern Ireland, SCI appreciates the important contribution that independent philanthropy can make to peacebuilding in conflict-affected environments.  The two documents that have been developed – a substantive and a summary report – have gleaned insights from:

  1. interviews with independent Trusts and Foundations;
  2. interviews with NGOs and civil society organizations experienced in peacebuilding;
  3. an on-line survey conducted by Centris UK;
  4. case studies provided by community-based philanthropies that are members of the Foundation for Peace Network; and
  5. information provided by a range of stakeholders at the request of the author.

The Social Change Initiative, Philanthropy for Social Justice & Peace  and Foundations for Peace are all organizations that believe that independent philanthropy can model an approach to peacebuilding in conflict affected environments that can be responsive, flexible and thoughtful.  It is hoped that these documents contribute to on-going discussion and learning both within philanthropy; between philanthropy and national/multinational programmes; and between philanthropy and the field of peacebuilding.