South Africa Activist, Zelda Holtzman visits Belfast


The Social Change Initiative (SCI) invited South African activist, Zelda Holtzman to visit Belfast in August 2018. Zelda was active in the ANC underground, in Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) military structures and in the SA Communist Party. From 1995 – 2003 she served as a high ranking official within the South African Police Service and […]

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New research on attitudes towards migrants, refugees and national identity in Italy

SCI are pleased to announce a new research report commissioned in conjunction with More in Common; providing first of its kind information on attitudes towards migrants, refugees and national identity in Italy.

Among the key findings, this timely and important research found that:

“Most Italians do not embrace extremist attitudes towards migrants themselves, despite deep concerns about […]

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‘National Conversation on Immigration’ Blog By Dr Avila Kilmurray


Yvette Cooper, M.P. – Chairperson of the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee – welcomed the talk-fest organised by British Future and Hope Not Hate on the topic of Immigration and Integration.  Branded the ‘National Conversation on Immigration’, gatherings have been held in 60 venues across England, Scotland, Wales and […]

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The UNCRPD: A Tool for Change

The International conference on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) was sponsored by several leading disability rights groups in Ireland, both North and South. It examined how to best use an international treaty to strengthen the rights of people with disabilities. The conference brought together disability groups, activists, […]

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Conciliation Resources and the Alliance for Peacebuilding survey reveals striking levels of public support for peacebuilding

Survey reveals striking levels of public support for peacebuilding

Two days after President Trump’s threat before the UN General Assembly to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea if the US were forced to defend itself, a public opinion poll revealed that the US public, Republicans and Democrats alike, strongly support greater investment in long-term peacebuilding efforts to address […]

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Community Organising Report

Rustling among the grassroots? The need to listen

‘I’m not a racist, but…’ – how often is this heard in local communities on both sides of the Atlantic? And it’s true, people are not necessarily racist when they express anxieties and uncertainties about the pace of change and how it is seen to be impacting on […]

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Publication: Public Policy, Philanthropy and Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland

SCI are delighted to announce the publication of Public Policy, Philanthropy and Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland, written by Colin Knox and Dr Padraic Quirk.  This book examines the role played by the Atlantic Philanthropies, a limited-life foundation, in helping to build peace in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is referred to as a post-conflict society largely […]

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