Peacebuilding Practice Notes: Sharing Experience from Northern Ireland

The Social Change Initiative (SCI) believes in the power of peer learning and exchange. Located in Belfast (Northern Ireland) we have identified issues and strategies that address the challenges of peacebuilding in a violently contested society. The purpose of these short Peacebuilding Practice Notes is to share insights and experience with activists and peacebuilding practitioners […]

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Autumn Academy 2016 Report

The Social Change Initiative (SCI) supports an annual policy conference to focus on issues relating to immigration and refugee protection in Oxford University (UK).  Organised and managed by COMPAS, the gathering draws on the knowledge and insights of European and US policy-makers and civil society representatives to focus on current issues and challenges.  Background information […]

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Grounding Refugee and Migrant Inclusion

Parliament, media headlines and hoardings have all featured arguments over refugee protection and migration in recent years.  News, fake news and down-right scare-mongering have played to public uncertainty and anxieties, rarely allowing time for considered conversations and discussion within neighbourhoods and communities.  All too often the most strident opinions crowd out tentative questions.  When people […]

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Partnering with Government on Dementia

Partnering with Government on Dementia – Early Lessons for Grantmakers tells the story so far of Atlantic Philanthropies partnership with government in the field of dementia, offering insights to other grant-makers who may be considering this funding model. Subsequent papers will chart the continued implementation of the joint dementia programme and consider what outcomes the partnership […]

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Learning Exchange – Digital Organising on Refugee Rights and Migration

The Social Change Initiative, supported by Unbound Philanthropy and the Atlantic Philanthropies, planned a Migration Learning Exchange to Purpose, in New York, on the subject of the role of digital organising in enhancing the work of NGOs in the field of refugee rights and migration.  The use of social media has long been recognised as a […]

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Conflict-affected Environments: Notes for Grantmakers

The Social Change Initiative has supported a project, initially developed by the Philanthropy for Social Justice & Peace working group, to promote the active involvement of philanthropic foundations and donors in peacebuilding.  Based in Northern Ireland, SCI appreciates the important contribution that independent philanthropy can make to peacebuilding in conflict-affected environments.  The two documents that […]

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Responding to challenges facing the international refugee system:

 Policies, Opportunities, and Messages

Migration is a priority issue for SCI and we have been supporting a series of discussions and exchanges with activists and thinkers, notably trying to influence the public narrative and supporting civil society to more effectively influence the political and policy debate.  The following note provides core messages that could be used […]

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Publication: Public Policy, Philanthropy and Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland

SCI are delighted to announce the publication of Public Policy, Philanthropy and Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland, written by Colin Knox and Dr Padraic Quirk.  This book examines the role played by the Atlantic Philanthropies, a limited-life foundation, in helping to build peace in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is referred to as a post-conflict society largely […]

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