SCI Fellow Rachel Mullen Launches New Publication on the Power of Values

Here Rachel Mullen summarises the key points in “Values-Led Organisations: Releasing the Potential of Values”. 

Civil society readily acknowledges its work as values-based. Whether we are working to tackle climate change, eliminate poverty, promote equality or strengthen community ties, what connects all of these efforts is a set of core values.

At organisational level our values might […]

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Convening of SCI Fellows & Mentoring Group in South Africa

This short video gives a flavour of the convening which SCI held several months ago in South Africa bringing together the SCI fellows network and those involved in its migration mentoring scheme.  During the event the participants learnt about the current situation in South Africa and met with a range of local social justice activists […]

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Northern Ireland’s peace process through the eyes of Colombian civil society: reflections from a study trip

By Laura Henao Izquierdo, Centre for Research and Popular Education/Peace Programme (CINEP/PPP)


In November 2016, a peace agreement was signed between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), following more than fifty years of armed conflict. Colombian civil society organisations and state institutions are over a year into the implementation of this […]

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Peacebuilding Practice Notes: Sharing Experience from Northern Ireland

The Social Change Initiative (SCI) believes in the power of peer learning and exchange. Located in Belfast (Northern Ireland) we have identified issues and strategies that address the challenges of peacebuilding in a violently contested society. The purpose of these short Peacebuilding Practice Notes is to share insights and experience with activists and peacebuilding practitioners […]

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Putting ‘the community’ at the heart of refugee resettlement

by Avila Kilmurray

“Unlocking community resources to support refugee re-settlement is magical”, said Tim Finch, CEO of Sponsor Refugees, a Citizens UK Foundation for Community Sponsorship of Refugees. Speaking in Belfast on Thursday 2nd November, 2017, Tim spoke about examples of where local groups have come together to sponsor the re-settlement of a refugee family in […]

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The UNCRPD: A Tool for Change

The International conference on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) was sponsored by several leading disability rights groups in Ireland, both North and South. It examined how to best use an international treaty to strengthen the rights of people with disabilities. The conference brought together disability groups, activists, […]

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Let’s Get It Done – Volunteering on the Australian Marriage Equality Campaign

By Craig Dwyer

It was 3am Irish time when I got a phonecall from Tiernan Brady, Executive Director of the Equality Campaign in Australia, and Donegal native, asking me to volunteer on the Yes campaign for marriage equality down under. Three days later I boarded a plane to Sydney, filled with both excitement and nerves, […]

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Guest blog by Michael Farrell, Human Rights Law Consultant on the recent CRPD conference.

Michael Farrell, Human Rights Law Consultant on the Conference on Using the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) recently wrote a guest piece for Disability Action NI on the event.  The conference was held in Croke Park, Dublin on 10th May 2017 and was organised by Disability Action Northern Ireland, Disability Federation […]

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New Research Reports on Attitudes to Migrants in Germany and France

From today you can access two new ground breaking reports on the SCI website.  Produced in conjunction with More in Common and Purpose Europe they provide first of its kind information on attitudes to migrants in France and Germany.

Segmented polling and message testing was carried out by IFOP in France and MORI in Germany.  The […]

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Watch SCI Fellow Alice Mogwe speak at TEDxGaborone

SCI Fellow Alice Mogwe is an experienced activist from Botswana who has led that country’s Centre for Human Rights (Ditshwanelo) for over 20 years.  Alice’s activism has seen her campaign on issues such as violations of the indigenous peoples, sexual orientation and gender identity, the organising of domestic workers and challenging the use of the death […]

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