Convening of SCI Fellows & Mentoring Group in South Africa

This short video gives a flavour of the convening which SCI held several months ago in South Africa bringing together the SCI fellows network and those involved in its migration mentoring scheme.  During the event the participants learnt about the current situation in South Africa and met with a range of local social justice activists […]

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Céad Mile Failte – Weaving an Ireland of Welcomes by Dr Avila Kilmurray

The map of the island was multi-coloured with post-its.  Welcome to the annual networking gathering of Places of Sanctuary (Ireland).  Enthusiasts from Belfast to Cork, from Galway to Dublin, and places in between, came together to discuss progress around four ambitions:-

Awareness-raising: to help educate and inform communities about refugees and migrants. Who are they? […]

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Autumn Academy 2016 Report

The Social Change Initiative (SCI) supports an annual policy conference to focus on issues relating to immigration and refugee protection in Oxford University (UK).  Organised and managed by COMPAS, the gathering draws on the knowledge and insights of European and US policy-makers and civil society representatives to focus on current issues and challenges.  Background information […]

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Autumn Academy, Oxford University

18th – 22nd September 2017

A five day residential programme focusing on Strategic Approaches to Irregular Migration in Europe, to be held at St Hugh’s College, Oxford. The event will involve up to 30 participants drawn from government, civil society and philanthropy. The Academy will address key questions and issued faced by municipal authorities and […]

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A City to City Meeting

SCI is supporting an exciting opportunity for the sharing of insights between New York City government and London City administration. Focusing on the role of great cities in creating a welcoming environment for new communities, the meeting will be held in London, from 12th – 14th June, 2017. The proactive policies adopted by municipal authorities […]

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Hold the Date: Litigating for Social Change

Wednesday 19 – Friday 21 October 2016

Belfast, Northern Ireland

This international conference organised by the Social Change Initiative and Law Centre (NI) will bring together NGOs, community activists, litigators, academics and funders to reflect on how strategic litigation can transform lives and enable people and communities to realise their rights.  There will be a funder only […]

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The Road to Marriage Equality Summer School, Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th July 2016

The Road to Marriage Equality Summer School is being hosted by The Social Change Initiative (SCI) in partnership with Social Intelligence Associates. The Summer School is aimed at not-for-profit organisations in Ireland, the U.K. and Europe. It will act as a master class on campaigning and how to use shared learning to focus on influencing […]

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