Autumn Academy

The Autumn Academy is an annual symposium on migration for senior public officials, NGO leaders, academic experts and foundations from across Europe.  It is organized and managed by the Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity, the knowledge-exchange arm of the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) at the University of Oxford. SCI has supported the Autumn Academy since 2016 as part of our Migration Learning Exchange program.


Autumn Academy 2019 

Driving narrative change on migration and integration at the municipal level

Upcoming: 18-20 September 2019


Autumn Academy 2018 

Opportunities and challenges in cooperation between government and civil society in the management of migration in Europe and North America


Participants learned about differing ways in which government at national/federal and local level is increasingly working with civil society organisations in the implementation of migration policies. And how to grapple with collaboration that can bring significant challenges to government and to civil society: working relationships that, while essential, can be fragile and carry economic and political costs for both parties.

Autumn Academy 2018 Final Report


Strategic Approaches to Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe


Informed by evidence on the changing demography of irregular migrants in Europe, the symposium explored the policy challenges posed and addressed questions emerging at differing tiers of governance, from international fora to the particular issues faced by cities and other municipal authorities. It gave particular attention to areas of recent and potential policy development relating to enforcement, social policies and access to justice.

Autumn Academy 2017 Final Report


Strategic approaches to Migrant Integration in Europe


The 2016 Autumn Academy explored integration questions: including optimal means of refugee resettlement; recognising the causes of negative public attitudes and how they can be addressed; how the stigma of radicalisation can be avoided in neighbourhoods experiencing the greatest exclusion; and what Europe can learn from differing approaches adopted in North America.

Autumn Academy 2016 Final Report

Autumn Academy 2016 Final Report

Summary of Key Themes


2015                 Integration and Inclusion in European Cities


Participants accessed the latest research evidence on these topics and related policy interventions. They compared their own experiences, heard new perspectives, discussed ways of overcoming challenges in the implementation of innovative, workable solutions, and developed individual plans in relation to their own city.

  • Background paper:

Integration of Migrants in Europe by Caroline Oliver and Ben Gidley (University of Oxford)

The Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity is a program of the Center on Migration, Policy and Society, COMPAS, in the School of Anthropology at Oxford University.