Welcome to The Social Change Initiative

The Social Change Initiative was established in 2015 and is an international charity.  Based in Belfast (Northern Ireland), our team draws together people with deep experience of grassroots activism, peacebuilding, advocacy and strategic philanthropy.  We work both globally and locally to secure progressive social change, so that communities become more inclusive, fairer and peaceful. 

We focus on influencing policy, practice, behaviours and attitudes and believe that social change is most effective and sustainable when those most impacted are involved in defining and securing the change they need. 

Based on our experience and expertise, we concentrate our efforts in two key areas:

  • Developing effective and sustainable activism to bring about social change; and
  • Maximising the impact of funding to support social change.


Key areas of work

Our work focuses on three main areas: Migration, Equality and Human Rights and Peacebuilding.



We collaborate with activists, funders and policy makers to find solutions and make change happen.  We want to:

  • Build the skills of activists and nurture their capacity to tackle injustice and inequalities and become more effective agents for change;
  • Catalyse partnerships for social change and broker connections between change makers;
  • Improve the decisions made by governments and policy makers in relation to our focus areas;
  • Increase the impact of funding for social change; and
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how progressive social change can be successfully secured.