Upcoming Events

Fellows Convening in South Africa

27th Nov - 2nd Dec

Convening of the SCI fellows, mentors and mentees in South Africa to coincide with an international gathering organized by SCI and the Global Citizens Circle of about 120 activists for a panel discussion with Desmond Tutu on effective activism. The event with Archbishop Tutu will be recorded and livestreamed.

Previous Events

Migration Learning Exchange on Strategic Communications & Messaging

13th - 18th May 2017

Convening on Strategic Communications and Messaging to be hosted by America’s Voice, for 14 UK participants who are all working in this field of work.

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Public Narrative & Strategic Communications on Refugees and Migration

23rd May 2017

Convening of individuals & organisations working on migration issues in Italy. Hosted in partnership with CILD.

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Community Development, Community Organising & Inclusion

24th & 25th May 2017

Convening which will bring together activists from all over the UK and Ireland, to exchange best practice & share approaches.

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A City to City Meeting

12th - 14th June

SCI supported an exciting opportunity for the sharing of insights between New York City government & London City administration. Focusing on the role of great cities in creating a welcoming environment for new communities.

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Organising for Solidarity and Inclusion

8th - 13th July

SCI are supporting a number of US community organisers to travel to the UK to share expertise and insights into community organising for migrant and refugee inclusion.

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Autumn Academy, Oxford

18th - 22nd September

A residential programme focusing on strategic approaches to irregular migration in Europe. The event will involve up to 30 government, civil society & philanthropy participants.

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