SCI Fellow Craig Dwyer at the Campaigning Forum 2017

Craig Dwyer of the Irish ‘Yes Equality’ referendum campaign, and a Social Change Initiative Fellow, shares how the campaign used social media to engage a wider audience.

Craig was presenting at the 2-day 2017 Campaigning Forum, which was held in Oxford, back in March 2017.  This annual gathering was previously called the eCampaigning Forum.

See the agenda […]

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‘Messages that work,’ special feature by Martin O’Brien in Alliance Magazine, June 2017

SCI Director Martin O’Brien discusses the greater interest that Philanthropy has in messaging for a special feature in the June 2017 issue of Alliance Magazine.  Please click on the link below to read or download the article in full.

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Goodbye to Guns! by Avila Kilmurray

“The peace agreement is now the political platform”, announced FARC leader, Timochenko, on Tuesday 27th June, to a cheering audience of FARC ex-combatants and ex-prisoners.  The location was the Mariana Paez TVZN, transitional zone, in Mesetas (province of Meta in Central Colombia); the occasion was a reconciliation ceremony marking the hand-over of personal weapons by […]

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Learning Exchange – Digital Organising on Refugee Rights and Migration

The Social Change Initiative, supported by Unbound Philanthropy and the Atlantic Philanthropies, planned a Migration Learning Exchange to Purpose, in New York, on the subject of the role of digital organising in enhancing the work of NGOs in the field of refugee rights and migration.  The use of social media has long been recognised as a […]

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Public Narrative & Strategic Communications on Refugees and Migration in Italy

SCI, in partnership with CILD (Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Freedoms) is holding a seminar in Rome (Italy) on Tuesday 23rd May 2017, to explore the issue of the current public narrative and strategic communications on issues of migration and refugee protection in Italy.

CILD was established in 2014, working as a network of 30 […]

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International conference on key UN Disability Rights treaty

International conference on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

10.30am to 5pm – Wednesday 10th May 2017  at the Celtic Suite, Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin 1

Several leading disability rights groups in Ireland, North and South, are sponsoring a conference in Dublin on Wednesday 10th May on how to best […]

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SCI fellow Celia McKeon: Reflections from the April 2017 Unyoke Retreat, South Africa

What metaphor would you use to describe how you see yourself in the current phase of your life? What are the major disappointments that have shaped your thinking? What is the one change you need to make that will significantly increase your chances of achieving your mission?
These were a few of the questions that my […]

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Autumn Academy, Oxford University

18th – 22nd September 2017

A five day residential programme focusing on Strategic Approaches to Irregular Migration in Europe, to be held at St Hugh’s College, Oxford. The event will involve up to 30 participants drawn from government, civil society and philanthropy. The Academy will address key questions and issued faced by municipal authorities and […]

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PAX Seminar – Stopping War: The Global Peace Process Support Initiative

Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th April 2017

This exploratory seminar aims to draw together global experience and insights of peace activists and analysts with the objective of influencing those currently waging war, and their supporters, to opt for non-violent alternatives. The emphasis will be on identifying tactics and strategies based on the premise that transforming conflict […]

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Community Development, Community Organising and Inclusion

SCI is working with Centris (Newcastle, England) to convene an expert group of activists to consider what has worked to address issues of migrant and refugee inclusion and integration in local communities across Britain and Ireland. Planned for 24th and 25th May, 2017, in Newcastle (England), this gathering will bring together experienced community activists from […]

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