Managing Migration with Dignity and Fairness

Migration is not a new phenomenon yet the escalating levels of movement across the globe present an unparalleled challenge that will impact on many societies that are as yet unprepared for the scale of support required for resettlement and effective integration.  Failure to effectively integrate migrant communities can seed future community instability and violent extremism.  SCI is:

  • Working in partnership to support effective citizen, NGO and community-based activism by peer exchange and learning;
  • Promoting decision-making and policies that help build borderless solidarity and support displaced people to realise their full potential as both individuals and as community members;
  • Supporting initiatives that seek to create and safeguard international and trans-national frameworks that offer protection and a sense of security to forcibly displaced people; and
  • Partnering with independent philanthropy where we can offer added value to help deliver its vision of a world more open and accepting of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.


What is the Migration Learning Exchange (MLE) Programme?

The Migration Learning Exchange (MLE) programme was established in 2015 to strengthen the effectiveness and influence of civil society activists working on migration issues.  Currently funded by Unbound Philanthropy and The Atlantic Philanthropies, it builds on the grant-making and support work of these two foundations working across the USA, UK, Ireland and South Africa. The programme (2015 – 2018) is managed by The Social Change Initiative.  The overarching goal of the MLE is to capture, connect, lever and transfer migration sector expertise and learning within and across the specific geographies, as well as to share insights and approaches on policy and advocacy with civil society organisations working in Europe.

  • Organising a series of international learning exchanges
  • Developing support through mentoring and coaching
  • Supporting an annual Autumn Academy to develop policy exchange and ideas
  • Working with NGOs and community-based initiatives in the prioritised geographical areas to encourage collaborative actions through convening and meetings on specific themes
  • Generate shared learning materials through an information hub
Materials drawn from the MLE activities will be posted on this section of the SCI website. Partner organisations are also encouraged to contribute blogs, links, reports and other information.
Please contact Avila Kilmurray for more information.


SCI Migration News

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